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I'm a ph.D student at KAIST Graduate School of AI, advised by Professor Edward Choi.

I'm interested in reliability, interpretability, and measuring uncertainty especially in NLP. I hope to make a reliable method that can foster usage of AI models safely in real world. Feel free to contact me!
e-mail: jiyounglee0523 at

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Work Experience

[Feb - Aug 2022] Research Intern at NAVER Corporation Papago Team


Professional Service

[Sep 2023 - Feb 2024] Advisory Committee Member at SelectStar AI NLP Team LLM Dataset Construction










  • Breast Cancer Subtype Classification utilizing Multi-Omics Data Integration based on Neural Network
    Joungmin Choi, Jiyoung Lee, Jieun Kim, Jihyun Kim, Heejoon Chae
    In Journal of Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (JOK), VOL 46 NO. 02 PP. 0476 0478 2019. 12